Working with Survivors

Understanding Past Traumas


Birth Ways International how to work through the birth process with survivors

Working with Survivors

Survivors number one in four women who have been abused and suffer from past trauma. Many don’t disclose that information to their care providers.  Anyone who works with pregnant and birthing women should understand how past abuse, trauma, and sexual assault can affect the birth process in survivors.

Whether or not we are aware of past trauma, we can listen with awareness and be sensitive to how actions, events, and language can affect our clients.  We will discuss effective and compassionate listening, and how to move from hearing a story of abuse to discussing challenges that might arise prenatally, during labour/birth and postpartum.  Make an appropriate plan that takes into account current hospital protocols as well as strategies for clear communication, coping techniques and sensitivity of the client`s unique needs so she can feel heard, express herself freely and feel safe to labour and release her baby through birth.

We’ll share specific, practical tips on working with your client prenatally to express, process, and plan for a birth that is safe and empowering.