Why I love a messy house!

I love to see a messy house when I visit my clients, especially in the days after the baby is born.


It means that they are focusing on the essentials and simply have no time to tidy - and that can be a very good thing.

They are eating, staying hydrated, connecting with baby and maybe resting.

I spent the day with a new mom this week and I was delighted to see dishes on the table (it means that she had eaten), laundry on the floor and couch (it means the milk is flowing), the mail left unopened, the garbage full and ready to be taken out (lots of dirty diapers), and the house empty of curious visitors.

She was sitting skin to skin with her baby, in between feedings, and sipping on her water while her toddler played at her feet.

I washed my hands and settled in to see how I could be helpful to her.

Several years ago my doula partner Angie and I arrived at a house to see what looked like a laundry explosion, a dish and cup disaster and a whirlwind of random articles tossed everywhere.

We were thrilled! Why?

Because these clients had had the most amazing, beautifully appointed home that we had ever seen and the transformation after just 3 days with a newborn was sensational.

This baby was getting the attention she needed; Mom was resting and feeding and bathing and eating. Dad was dazed and happy and exhausted - but totally engaged with the babymooning.

A postpartum doula may offer light housekeeping, errands running, meal prep and such, or she may not - each doula creates her own menu of services.

This week I enjoyed tidying and baking and left the house with supper simmering, but I am not always asked to do these things and that is okay.

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