Why attend your Easing Labour Pain class with us?

Common Question:

I am pregnant and busy; why do I need to attend a class that talks about easing labour pain? What will I and my partner get out of it?⁣


➊ It is two hours where you and your partner will be able to actually focus on your upcoming labour and birth in a safe environment with skilled facilitators who have been attending births for a total of 40 years. That’s a lot of labours!⁣

➋ Things that are not taught in any prenatal class - this class is unique - we do not waste your time - we tell you valuable tips, show you effective techniques and make you laugh!⁣

➌ Information on what increases pain in labour and what you can do about it.⁣

➍ The chance to actually try out different labour positions that have a huge effect on the sensations that you feel and help the baby come faster.⁣

➎ Having your partner learn and practice comfort measures that are simple and very effective.⁣

➏ Learning that you have options for every procedure that is suggested, that you can ask questions (almost always), take time to consider things, and (sometimes) chose to delay or decline it altogether.⁣

➐ Refreshing yourself on the essentials if this isn't your first baby.⁣

➑ Confidence! People tell us again and again that they walked in feeling nervous and walked out feeling that they had great new tools, a lot less anxiety, and more connection with their partner.⁣

We've got one class every month; and it's just $50 for the entire 2-hour course!⁣

If you're pregnant or know someone who is, please click on this link to join us.

Also feel free to share with your friends!⁣

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