Doula training comments...

You're part of a community the moment you walk in the door.

Women in training course at Birth Ways International

They rate us highly.

Extremely interesting! Exceeded my expectations! Angie and Karen make me want to go to more and more births!

S.H,. Regina SK

I would rate my personal experience 10 out of 10. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be taught by these women!!

M.H., Toronto ON

I really admire you! It was a pleasure to meet you and receive your Doula training! You are a huge inspiration to me, all of your stories and experience has empowered me into a different person, I am so honoured to have had the privilege to be in your class! Thanks for absolutely everything.

C.D., Regina SK

Doula training participants say...

I want to thank you again for the training weekend. It was unbelievable, intense and really educational.”

K.W., Fernie, BC

I always enjoy Angie and Karen’s courses – such a great wealth of information and knowledge between these two women!

Cheryl Ann, Regina SK

Karen and Angie are gifts to the birthing community and Doula training in general!

C.V., Moose Jaw SK

Both Karen and Angie are amazing instructors. This is the second Doula training course of theirs that I have attended and I will be back. Passion, enthusiasm, experience and research-based evidence all passed on to us.

A.D., Regina SK