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Could I be a doula? Where do I begin training? Who takes our doula training and what are their reasons?

Birth Ways International is often asked these questions by people curious about our Birth Doula Training, Postpartum Doula Training, and continuing education courses. We are very happy to answer them as there are many reasons why people want to become a doula.

Reasons to become a doula

Here are a few reasons to become a doula. Which one speaks to you?

  • Had a great birth and want more people to experience that.
  • Experienced a difficult birth and want to help others avoid that challenge.
  • Want to go to the birth of a loved one or community member informed and prepared.
  • Interested in making a career out of being a doula.
  • Want to support families and inform them of all their options.
  • Passionate about helping people during pregnancy, birth and their postpartum.
  • Want to be an advocate for women, babies and families.
  • Inspired to be an advocate for change in the system.

  • Are a healthcare professional and want to deepen their knowledge of the childbearing year.
  • Seeking work in a related field and want to add doula work to their menu of services.
  • Working or training as a massage therapist and are interested in the 6 credits from BDT.
  • Are pregnant and know that this weekend is the best prenatal class around.
  • Applying to midwifery school and know that many of our grads get into the school of their choice.
  • Retired from day job and want to do this awesome caregiving work.
  • Heard that our training is affordable.
  • Love that we blend evidence-based information with the experiences we have gathered in over 600 births and combined 40 years of birth experience.

All of these reasons are valid, as are yours!

Women of all ages and interests take Birth Ways International trainings - there is a space in our circle for you!

The next Birth Doula Training is happening October 23 to 25 and registration is now open! We also offer a variety of classes via video-on-demand as well as a monthly Online Doula Q&A. Please let Angie and Karen know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Reasons to become a doula

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