Processing the Birth Story

Processing the Birth - Whose Story is it?

doula visit to mom and baby - Birth Ways International


After every birth there’s a story, from the clients’ and the doula’s perspective.  Often that story differs.  It can change too.  Whose story is it?  Learn the pros and cons of reflecting back to your clients with compassionate listening, conversation, and possibly a doula birth log that respects the processing of both the birth memory and the various stories that are theirs to own and only theirs to tell.


As birth workers, we will also discuss the active and necessary processing of our own emotions, doula experiences, and our own birth stories so we can attend births with awareness of our vulnerabilities, biases and triggers.  We’ll workshop this self awareness; how your perspective colours the story; appropriate feedback versus appropriation of the story; awareness of our own traumas and vulnerabilities and the need for mindfulness; restoring your faith after a difficult birth.