Preworkshop Documents – PDT

Thank-you for registering for the next BWI Postpartum Doula Training.

Please read through these instructions carefully to ensure you are ready for the workshop.  Thank-you!


The documents open in Adobe Reader .   To download the document to your computer, click the down-arrow, just above the top & right of the document.  Then you can save it.

Before the workshop:

  1. Read Penny Simkin's Just Another Day:  Women’s Long Term Perceptions of Their First Birth Experience.  If reading research articles isn’t your thing, then just read the Abstract & Intro (all of pg1) and Discussion (bottom of pg 7).
  2. Please read Brenda Ueland's wise words on the Fine Art of Listening, a very important doula skill.
  3. Hospital Tour: Even though Postpartum Doulas work mainly in clients' homes, we recommend you become familiar with the hospital in which you may be working.  Most areas offer a free hospital tour.
    • We'll be offering an excellent, live and "hands-on" hospital tour for doulas in Regina on Nov 13th, 7:30pm.  (No charge for BWI participants.)  Please sign up at sign up here for the RGH tour.
      • For other dates to tour Regina General Hospital, please contact the YMCA at 306-757-9622 to join a free tour, offered Mon & Wed evenings at 6:30 and 7:30pm.
    • In Saskatoon there's an RUH Online Orientation (slide show) and free monthly on-site orientations (with a big video screen presentation; not a tour of the units).
    • If you live elsewhere, please contact the hospital where your clients will give birth, if there is one, to arrange a tour.  If not then please do the virtual RUH tour, listed above.
  4. Get a basic understanding of Reflective Listening, which will be our communication model for the weekend.  Please check out one or both:
  5. Find a web-site or two you trust for accurate pregnancy-related pregnancy and birth information.

Optional Preparation:

  1. If you'd like to get a head start on learning about postpartum and doulas, consider reading a book or watching a video from our Suggested PDT Reading List.
  2. Consider getting started on your Resource-Referral List. The Resource-Referral List is for you and your clients.  We'll work on this through the workshop.
  3. If you'd like to dive in ahead of time to get a head start and deepen your knowledge, there's an optional BWI Postpartum Doula Pre-Workshop Guide available in 2 formats. It's a series of questions for you to become familiar with such things as terms, obstetrical practises, tools and resources. There's no need to "hand it in" but if you'd like feedback, we're willing to accept it as one file in either .pdf or Word.
  4. All new families at Regina General Hospital receive a copy of the RQHR Caring for Yourself and NewbornThis document is good to have no matter where you'll be working.  We recommend you print a copy for yourself.
    Note: Other SK regions don't seem to have have online booklets.  We recommend you ask for a hard-copy of materials being given to new families at your local hospital or public health office.
  5. Save and/or print out the LaLecheLeague Breastfeeding Sheets, a most valuable resource for postpartum doulas.

Zoom Call the week before!

We're hosting a complimentary Preworkshop Q&A video-conference for those that are officially registered for the upcoming Postpartum Doula workshop.  
Oct 15, 8:30pm.

Ask your questions and get prepared for the training weekend.


Please sign up at 

Location & Parking:

Oct 18-20, 2019 Regina:

1130 Selo Place, Regina, SK (south end).  Wascana Parkway is the nearest exit from Hwy #1.  Wascana or Hillsdale get you there from northern parts of town.  Please take the left fork when you enter the condo-complex.


PLEASE NOTE, GPS and GOOGLE MAPS DOES NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH DETAIL TO GET TO CONDO.  Please print the detailed location & parking map, and bring it with you on Fri eve so you can find us.  (At every single workshop at least one person calls us - usually once the workshop has started - to ask for directions because they're lost and their GPS can't find us, since they didn't print or save the detailed map.  Don't be that person!)


Parking:  All free.  As noted on the detailed map, there’s guest parking in the complex.  There’s also parking at the community centre just inside the entry to the complex and on McNiven or Martin Streets.

Bikes can be put into the garage at the condo or locked in the back-yard.



Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of the training have the option of a refund less a $75 administrative fee, or a credit for the full amount to be used within 1 year. Any cancellations received less than 14 days before the class will not be re-funded; however an alternate may attend or you may choose a future training within 1 year.