Birth Ways International – Postpartum Paper Projects

Here are some easy ways to ease things for your client or friend who just had a baby. And no, this is not a papercraft post!

There are many simple, inexpensive things to do with paper that might bring comfort in the postpartum days.

See if any of these resonate and add other ideas that come up!

  • Paper journal or notebook for scribbling, doodling, writing down questions you have so you can clear your mind, recording fragments of your birth - words, images, memories, questions, stories.


  • Use tissue paper to cover the bottom half of your windows to create softer light and privacy if that would feel good


  • Write out a postpartum plan for things you might need and how you can get help to get your needs met, be they groceries, meals, social connection, support with breastfeeding, care of your pet or other kids.

  • Consider putting a note on your front door saying “Thank you so much for dropping off that meal. We are enjoying some quiet time to get to know our baby and rest up. We will let you know when we are ready for visitors.”


  • Record poops, pees and nursing sessions for the first while until things get established - in case you feel to connect with your doula, La Leche League breastfeeding support or a lactation specialists for support in getting abundance milk supply.


  • Write out your birth story, memories, snippets, phrases, images or questions to ask about how things went.

  • Groceries list - keep a list handy of snacks you are craving, hearty food you would appreciate being made for you, food supplies that need to be picked up or delivered.


  • Post helpful guides like “Is my baby getting enough?” from LLL that reassure you that your baby is spending enough time well latched or give you concrete suggestions on how to adjust things.


  • Read helpful things from a trusted resource book on newborns, nursing or parenting.


  • Read a fluffy book that has nothing to do with self-improvement - to relax - because you are ENOUGH!

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