Karen Herriot, Birth Ways International

Karen Herriot (BA Hon), CYT(Certified Yoga Teacher), CBE (Certified Childbirth Educator), CAPPA/DONA trained Doula, previous CAPPA/DONA Doula trainer, now Birth Ways International Doula Trainer.

I am passionate about supporting women in their journey through pregnancy, labour and birth to breastfeeding and motherhood, through the above modalities and as a La Leche League breastfeeding advocate / educator (20 yrs), and activist.

I have been doing birth work for over 26 years, attended over 250 home and hospital births and am proud mom to four great children and married to Trevor Herriot, artist, writer and activist.

In my years as a Doula I have seen hundreds of births and observed that with the amazing mystery and wonder of birth, the key to women's satisfaction in their experience lies in very basic things. As a Doula, I promise to honour these truths: that birth is a sacred, wonderful process, that the woman deserves to be central to the experience, heard and honored in her strength and vulnerability, and that all those present at the birth must be there to serve and support her, holding the sacred space for whatever she is experiencing.

I have studied under Penny Simpkin, Cathy Ellis (midwife) and other birth work elders, and am currently privileged to work in a shared-care practice with my Doula partner, Angie Evans. We are honoured to work with couples prenatally to support their process of active preparation for birth as they bring to light their wishes and worries, process them, and pack their physical and psyshological birth bags. We attend their births, offer support as needed, assist with breastfeeding and support the fourth trimester baby moon transition. Angie and I co-founded Birth Ways International and enjoy teaching future doulas and other birth professionals.

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