Placenta Encapsulation

The Art and Science of Placenta Encapsulation Workshop

Placenta Caps

Birth Ways International Doula Training offers a hands-on intensive workshop that prepares you to provide placenta encapsulation to clients. We present a balance of evidence-based science and traditional wisdom.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in placentas. You are welcome whether you plan to encapsulate or just wish to enjoy the workshop and sharing! Topics include a ‘placenta tour’, respectful and safe handling. There will also be a discussion of making placenta prints, drying the cord, and safety and sanitation.

Attendees will also learn OSHA guidelines and special circumstances. You will also discover the steps involved in preparing, dehydrating and making capsules, as well as tips on placenta smoothies. Navigating hospital policies will also be discussed.

Glove up! Cut, dry and encapsulate real placentas! You will see the entire process and practice it using real placentas, under the guidance of instructors that have processed hundreds of placentas.


  • Dates for the next The Art and Science of Placenta Encapsulation live-but-online class will be announced soon


Please contact us for more information on The Art and Science of Placenta Encapsulation Workshop as well as our other upcoming classes!

Participant remarks:

"The encapsulation training I took from Karen and Angie was really great. They provided a nice balance of teacher-led information and hands-on experience. I left feeling confident and ready to offer this as a part of my services. " - Jo, Regina, SK

"I feel totally prepared on both the safety and successful preparation of placentas. I found the workshop to be fun, fast-paced and hands-on! Couldn’t recommend it enough!" - Krista, Vancouver, BC


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