Making Effective Birth Plans With Your Clients

Making Effective Birth Plans With Your Clients

Effective Birth Plans

One of the most important things you will do as a doula is making effective birth plans with your client. A birth plan will be useful in clarifying their desires and being respected by care providers. Birth Ways International Doula Training will teach you to draft and edit this document with clients to create an empowering vision for their birth.  It can become an effective communication tool for the mother with their partner, the birth attendants, primary medical caregiver and other staff.

This process also averts the common situation where the birth plan is actually an impediment to good relations with the birth team if they are based on out-of-date information or past experiences/trauma. A good birth plan can set clear boundaries and realistic expectations while building bridges instead of walls.


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Angie and Karen have a combined over 30 years of doula experience. They will share their perspective on listening to the fears and perceptions of the mother and their partner. They will also offer a template for a draft plan and explain how to edit compassionately.  This process can result in effective birth plans for you and your clients, to realistically prepare your clients for the birth, actively inform them on options and lead them to the place where they can start dreaming their ideal birth.

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