Water, Water, Everywhere (at Birth) – How a Doula Helps

● Ensure water bottles / cups are filled⁣
● Make tea, electrolyte drinks⁣

● Remind clients to drink⁣
● Remind client to pee - the sensations of labour often take away the natural urge⁣

● Ensure clients know what to do when their “water breaks” (we prefer to say “when membranes release”)⁣
● Create a safe space for tears⁣

● Prepare a bath / birth pool / shower⁣
● Help client get into and out of tub / pool /shower⁣
● Help client with positions to use in tub or pool⁣

● Wipe up spills so no one slips⁣
● Have towels ready⁣
● Help partners know how to provide support in tubs or pools⁣

● Cool clothes / warm clothes ⁣
● Hot water bottles⁣
● Feed ice chips to a hard working labouring client⁣

● Set-up, maintain and put away birth pools.⁣
●● Hot tip: knowing how to care for a birth pool helps new doulas get invited to births! ⁣

And by the way, we teach that class on how to become a birth doula who can care for a birth pool. ☺️

Cheers!! (we drink) 🥂

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