Birth Ways International: Get to know the placenta

The placenta is amazing!  Let's take a moment to appreciate the jobs they do during pregnancy!   

The placenta attaches to the side of the womb, gets oxygen to your sweet babe through the umbilical cord and removes waste from their blood.

Remember, your birth is not complete until the placenta is also delivered, by you, so while you are holding your newborn, plan to stay warm, calm, and connected to your child so it comes out easily.   Do not let anyone tug on the cord!


Delayed Cord Clamping - do some research on this because the blood in the cord belongs to the baby so delaying the clamping allows that.  

Who cuts the cord? You? If you do not want to, then it is your choice to ask someone else to do this.

What happens after it comes out?   It will be set aside and examined later to make sure it is complete and healthy.  

Placenta tour - you can ask someone to show you the two sides of the placenta, the amniotic sac and the cord.

Keeping your placenta - it will be discarded unless you tell the staff that you wish to keep it - so plan for that!    Bring a container and keep it cool with ice if you are encapsulating it, or put it in some secure storage bags if you are taking it home.

‘Planting’ your placenta - you can bury or plant it in a garden, yard or special place and plant a tree over it.   There are many options for you here and many women follow their traditional practices with the rituals they use.  Freezing the placenta gives you time to decide what to do.

Making a print - many doulas do this but you can also do it yourself - a fresh placenta is easiest but if you are not going to consume your placenta you can use colors and paints!

Consuming your placenta - do your own research on this - I have had clients who enjoyed them with raspberry smoothies!

Encapsulation - this is a service we offer where we process the placenta carefully and very safely to capsules, which you take.   Most of our clients are repeat customers who thrived in the postpartum and swear that it was the iron, hormones, minerals and components in them.    Women request tinctures too.   We dry the cord as a keepsake!

Lotus birth - again, do some research as I had not had a client who did this so I cannot say.

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