Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness To Avoid or To Achieve Pregnancy

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

Wanting to become more familiar with your own cycle of fertility and how hormones affect you?

Trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy?

The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) when used properly is 99 per cent reliable in avoiding pregnancy. It’s also an extremely accurate indicator of fertile times for conception. FAM is totally natural, non-invasive, non-time consuming, and easily fits into your life. Learn about your hormonal cycles and indicators of fertility from Birth Ways International Doula Training.


  • Dates for the next FAM live-but-online class will be announced soon


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Additional Continuing Education / Professional Development with Birth Ways International:

We are here to help you grow as a doula.


Training birth and postpartum doulas and more with over 30 years experience at over 500 births.

Angie Evans and Karen Herriot love training new doulas and experienced birth professionals through Birth Ways International. After years of training doulas, Angie and Karen are happy to respond to the huge need to offer a comprehensive training and certification program that meets the needs of Canadian birth professionals, while also serving international doulas.

They teach workshops for birth doulas, postpartum doulas, advanced doula training, placenta encapsulation and childbirth education.