Doula Training – Birth, Postpartum and More

Everything doulas need to know! Here are quick links to comprehensive doula training workshops by Birth Ways International.

All of our workshops are offered online, so you can attend from anywhere.

Our program is a dreamy blend of the live-streamed workshop, the self-paced learning modules, monthly Q&A sessions, and the community of doulas you will meet at the workshop and in the Zoom calls. You will be qualified to start taking clients immediately upon completion!

We have received great feedback on the learning modules as they give participants a chance to work at their own pace, process the info and ask questions. It also reduces the time we have to be sitting in front of our screens during the weekend - we have scheduled lots of breaks, breakout rooms and varied teaching styles during the training.

We are master doulas and instructors and have been training doulas since 2013 (online since 2015) so we are experienced in making this a wonderful live-streamed learning experience.

Birth Ways International comprehensive doula training

The following workshops are available for purchase.

The recommended order to take them in:

1. Birth Doula

2. Postpartum Doula

3. Parental Appointments

4. Processing the Birth Story

5. BD Certification

6. Business for Birth Workers

7. Fertility Awareness

8. Creating Winning Birth Plans

9. Placenta Encapsulation

10. PD Certification

11. Common Crossroads

12. Birth Pool & Birth Water

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Training birth and postpartum doulas and more with over 30 years experience at over 500 births.

Angie Evans and Karen Herriot are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and love training new doulas and experienced birth professionals through Birth Ways International. After years of training doulas, Angie and Karen are happy to respond to the huge need to offer a comprehensive training and certification program that meets the needs of Canadian doulas and birth professionals, while also serving international doulas.

They teach workshops for birth doulas, postpartum doulas, advanced doula training, placenta encapsulation and childbirth education.