BWI Birth Doula Trainer Program

Birth Ways International sets high standards for their doulas and even higher standards for their doula trainers.  

The applicant must be a Certified BWI Birth Doula before being considered for the BWI Birth Doula Trainer Program.  

If you meet the requirements and are interested in pursuing Trainer training, then please request an online application form and set up an interview.  


Requirements for Birth Ways International Birth Doula Trainers

  • BWI Birth Doula Certification
  • Purchase the BWI Birth Doula Trainer Package
  • Completion of the BWI Birth Doula Trainer online modules
  • Minimum 100 births
  • Training and experience in teaching adults (e.g. Post-secondary Adult Education Specialization, Train-the-Trainer, or 5+ years teaching adults)
  • Proof of certification as a Childbirth Educator or equivalent experience (3+ years / 10+ series of 8+ hours)
  • Familiar with local birth services and practices in the area in which you plan to teach
  • BWI Birth Doula Trainer Mentors who are willing and able to take you on
  • Knowledge of local attitudes, policies and culture of what doulas are walking into at various hospitals, birth centres, with MW, homebirths, etc.
  • Arrange for your BWI mentor(s) to attend your first training as co-facilitators. This is an opportunity to observe potential BWI Trainers training doulas.  
  • Meets BWI Standards for Code of Conduct/Ethical Practices/ Inclusivity/Social Media
  • Final paper/interview demonstrating knowledge of various scenarios specific to trainers, local practises (hospital policies, MW situation, prenatal classes and available resources, online / distance support for doulas who come from other places).


Requirements for Leading BWI Workshops

  • BWI Birth Doula Training Workshops are taught only by certified BWI Birth Doula Trainers
  • Minimum 16 hours of in-person training dedicated to the BWI Birth Doula Curriculum is required for all BWI Birth Doula Workshops
  • Follow our curriculum but customize where appropriate for your geographical area
  • Workshop fees will include the cost of manuals & proof of training documents, supplied by BWI
  • Workshop fees include BWI membership
  • Individual trainers set their fees within a range determined by BWI
  • Workshops and details will be listed on the BWI website and social media pages
  • BWI Birth Doula Certification is done through BWI head office
  • BWI Doula Workshops are inclusive to all people
  • BWI Trainers use language that’s respectful, understandable and welcoming to participants
  • BWI Trainers share evidence-based information
  • BWI Trainers share relevant birth doula experiences
  • BWI Birth Doulas do not attend free-birth/unassisted childbirth as doulas
  • BWI Trainers set an example of reflective and respectful listening
  • Children are not allowed in workshops but nurslings are welcome to be brought in for feedings
  • All preworkshop materials must be completed, along with 16 hours or more of in-person training before proof of training document and BWI membership is provided.


Requirements and considerations include but are not limited to those listed above, and are subject to change up until the time at which the applicant is officially accepted in the BWI Birth Doula Trainer Program.