Business for Birth Workers

Business Smarts for the Smart Doula

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Learn the Business with Birth Ways International

Do you squirm at the thought of charging adequately for your services?

Doulas are passionate about their work, but many struggle with the business/financial aspects. This contributes to a high burn-out rate. You deserve to take care of your clients while also making a living at a long term career. Learn the basics of running a business that includes both your head and your heart.

We’ll also discuss creating a harmonious (or at least a neutral) work environment in a new-to-doulas area and working with hospital staff that may be threatened by doulas or empowered women. 

Topics include:


  • “Wow” potential clients at an intro meeting and increase your “yes rate”
  • How to  attract your ideal client
  • Benefits of working in partnership / shared care
  • Sustaining a solo practise
  • Allowable tax expenses and a few tips for organizing your books
  • Navigating (or not) the beaurocracy of license etc.
  • Options for fee-models
  • Creating your ‘offer’.  

Participant Remarks:

I just wanted to thank you for tonight. You are a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us! It's great to learn your well practiced 'tricks of the trade'!

K.D., Ottawa, ON

Thank you so much for all your knowledge/wisdom on 'DOULA BUSINESS'... Appreciate you sharing with us. The room was full of buzzing, positive, and enthusiastic energy!

K. P., Regina, SK