Birth Support

Birth Ways International Supports You and Your Baby

Birth Support

In addition to training birth professionals, Angie Evans and Karen Herriot take on individual clients through pregnancy and birth.  We work as doulas in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to provide labour and birth support, teach a variety or birth preparation classes, and encapsulate placentas. 

Between us, we have attended over 350 births and gathered over 30 years of experience.  We have attended home and hospital births with a variety of midwives, doctors, and nurses; with whom we’ve enjoyed excellent working relationships.  We’re familiar and experienced with Hypnobirthing and other childbirth methods and incorporate them into our support for you.

 Our most sincere wish is that you look back on this birth with fond memories and feelings of satisfaction and that your new baby’s birthday is a wonderful, empowering event.

 Our doula-services include prenatal appointments, extensive educational support, continuous care during labour and birth, and basic postpartum support.  We offer a complimentary meeting to chat about what kind of support you’d like, the support we offer, and to learn what your needs & birth wishes are.  Most importantly it’s an opportunity for us to find out if it feels right to work together; in an ideal world, only people with whom you feel totally comfortable would be invited to such an important event!

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