How birth and postpartum doulas can help parents of a premature baby

With the birth of a baby comes a mixture of emotions and a sense of celebration. When a premature baby arrives early the feelings of excitement and anxiety can be amplified, and any impulse to celebrate might be drowned out by worry over the child's health, especially if they are in NICU.

There are so many general ways that both birth and postpartum doulas can help the parent(s) of premature babies:

  • extra support through the birth and intensive care stay
  • specific resources for much-needed lactation support
  • listening as they begin to process their experience
  • specialized postpartum support that may start during the hospital stay
  • helping prepare for the transition back home

Premature Baby

What are some specific support tips specific to clients with babies who arrive early?

  • ensuring the mom has enough menstrual supplies for their time in NICU with baby
  • set up a nursing supply bag for her to take with her to that unit
  • reminding her of the benefits of any skin to skin time with baby
  • healthy meals and snacks, a handy water bottle rather than a styrofoam cup
  • listen to their memories of the birth and make notes as they speak
  • record any questions they have about their care

What other tips can you share from your experience with a premature baby?

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