Birth Pool Set-Up and Care

There are so many benefits of waterbirth!

Join Birth Ways International Doula Training to learn how to set up, maintain, and tear-down a birth pool. Your client loses their support person for an hour to set up and then another hour to tear down the pool unless someone else (like their doula) is willing and able to do it.

Knowing how to take care of a birth pool is a great way to get invited to births, either as a primary doula or with an experienced doula who needs a pool-keeper.

This class is for birth professionals but is also suitable for partners and other support people who have to take care of a birth pool.


You can do the on-demand class at your convenience and as many times as you wish; it does not expire.

Everyone who signs up for the live-streamed class also gets the video replay. If you get called to a birth or life happens, you will still receive all of the information.

You'll learn:

  • Tips for where to set-up the pool
  • How to set it up in a safe and hygienic manner
  • How to maintain the pool
  • How to help a labouring woman into and out of the pool
  • Tips for supporting a woman in the pool
  • How to tear down the pool in a safe and hygienic manner
  • Supplies needed for water-birth and ways to prep for a home water birth

Having pool-skills can make a doula more attractive to those planning water-births and to senior doulas who sometimes look for a "pool-keeper" to bring along.  Here's a great way to get invited to births!


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